Protecting Land and Natural Resources

The issue of land is critical in Ethiopia. It is explosive in the context of Oromia because of historical injustices pertaining to the inaugural violence by which land was expropriated from the indigenous holders. Historically, the Oromo were rendered landless and reduced to tenants by force and through use of state power.
Land alienation is viewed by the Oromo as the ultimate violence because of the Oromo view that holds land and natural resources as a sacred endowment deeply tied to Oromo identity, not just as a means to livelihood. As such, land and natural resources are deemed a collective property of all Oromo, not a commodity subject to market transaction.
The OLC promises to end the history of dispossession and displacement of Oromo from their land by abrogating all laws and practices. OLC will make sure that the use, management, and disposition of Oromo land is within the sovereign jurisdiction of the people and government of Oromia.
The natural resources of Oromia are the heritage of all Oromos. OFC is committed to ensuring that the natural resources in and on the land and the investments, and industries in Oromia shall be used for the benefit of the Oromo people.